Stanford International Policy Review

The Stanford International Policy Review is a student-run, student-written, non-partisan policy journal based in the Ford Dorsey International Policy Studies program at Stanford University. SIPR publishes articles on a wide-range of subjects pertaining to current international policy debates, seeking to provide insight into the challenging issues that policymakers confront today, as well as those they will likely face tomorrow. Our authors cover these topics using a variety of lenses, from political science, economics, and area studies, to design thinking, technology, law, and business.

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The Stanford International Policy Review (SIPR) is now accepting submissions for its Spring 2015 edition!

The submission deadline for the Spring 2015 edition is May 8, 2015.  Submissions can be made to [email protected].

  • Policy memos;
  • Academic articles with clear policy recommendations;
  • Short op-ed or commentary pieces;
  • Interviews with policymakers, scholars, and other practitioners;
  • Reviews of policy-relevant books, movies, or other media;
  • Photo essays.

Submissions are anonymously peer-reviewed, and selected pieces will be edited collaboratively by the contributor and editorial team. We request that submissions be no longer than 3500 words.