How to Write a National Honor Society Essay

If you want to become a member of the NHS, you have to write a winning application essay that will impress an admission committee. If you don't know to write it correctly, your search ends here. Keep on reading the post and discover how to create a leading-edge National Honor Society essay.

What is a National Honor Society?

For starters, let define what the NHC is? It is an organization for high-school students. It involves students in social-matter and charity activities. Also, it provides scholarship grants. For now, the organization implies more than one million students around the globe.

How to Become a Member?

To pass the primary requirements and get the applicant status, you should have a high GPA, be a leader, and volunteer. If you meet all the requirements, you need to create a stunning admission essay. In case your paper is denied because of poor quality, a new chance to apply will appear in the next year only.

How To Write a Winning Essay

If you don't want to lose a chance to become an NHS member, scroll down and find a guide on how to create a winning essay. In case you have poor writing skills, the question - "is there anyone who can write me an essay?" may appear in your mind. In such a case, you can reach a paper writing company and get a mind-blowing paper with no hassle.

Pick a Topic

Students are free to choose a subject by themselves, writing an admission essay. You need to select a unique topic that will engage an admission committee. Also, it should reflect your skills, personal qualities, and favorite activities.

Brainstorm Ideas

After choosing a topic, start generating ideas on how to represent yourself. Tag the best ideas and use them in your essay. Also, feel free to ask your friends to drop a few words about you.

Create an Outline

It's much easier to follow a plan rather than writing a paper from scratch. Do not hesitate to map out your paper first. It should consist of three main parts: Intro, Essay Body, and Conclusion.
As usual, the introduction implies an essay hook and a thesis statement. The essay body contains a detailed story about an applicant through the lens of a chosen topic. A national honor society essay conclusion should imply a summarized story, personal viewpoint, and thesis statement.

Write a Draft

At this stage, you need to start writing an essay by following the outline. Do not forget to use transitions to ensure an uninterrupted flow and avoid using every-day language. Feel free to leave some paragraphs unfinished.
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Once the first draft is ready, you have to polish your essay. Feel free to remove unsuitable sentences and supplement your paper with new ideas. Also, read your article and check if all the paragraphs follow your thesis statement.


The absence of plagiarism, grammar, spelling, and formatting errors is a high-quality paper indicator. Therefore, check your essay by using different online tools for text analysis and proofread your article thoroughly.

NHS Membership

Once you become a National Honor Essay member, you have to maintain your membership. It means that you will need to keep your grades up and get high scores on standardized tests.
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